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Michigan fans tell us why they’re grateful for the Wolverines

Happy holidays, Michigan fans!

Do you have the holiday spirit? We sure do here at Maize n Brew and we want to share it with you. We took to Facebook last night to ask fans why they’re grateful to be Michigan fans. Some of the answers will surely make you smile. Be sure to share yours in the comments, and more importantly, enjoy your day with the ones you love!

Why Michigan fans are grateful for the Wolverines

  • “I went to my first major college football game at U of M in 1972. I was hooked ever since then. In 1982 I met Bo. He was a true gentleman. No matter what the season yields I will always bleed blue.” - Lonney Evon
  • “When Bo beat Woody I was hooked for life! GO BLUE!” - Bill Hartuniewicz
  • “My father graduated from Michigan in 1972. I was a year old and was apparently present for the ceremony at The Big House. My love for this university has grown since his passing in 2010 and continues to grow. I am a Wolverine for life! GO BLUE!!” - Jon Barry
  • “Being that my father was from Columbus...I could have been a buckeye fan. Thank God my mother was from Michigan!!! Go Blue.” - Larry Morris
  • “I grew up in a Spartan family in Spartan country but became a Michigan fan during the Fab Five era as a kid. The whole country watched that team. My dad used to say, “ If you keep rooting for Michigan we’re gonna stop watching the games.” I told my dad, “It’s too late!” I’m thankful to be a Michigan fan because I love all the boos I get when I walk into all my local Sparty bars sporting my maize and blue! Go blue!!!” - Nate Cagle
  • “Born and raised in Ann Arbor. Watched Michigan beat Ohio in 1969 when I was 7 years old. Bo was larger than life and the reason I became a Michigan Fan for life.” - Jerry Simon
  • I was born into a Michigan sports fanatic family. I became a grateful alumni after my degrees from Michigan truly changed my life. Go Blue!” - Kendrick Harper
  • Born and bred in Michigan. Moved to that state to the south at age 11. Took endless abuse for being a Michigan fan. Always considered Michigan home. Long story short I finally moved back to Michigan 6 years ago. My GF’s father has season tickets to the Big House. Been going with him for 5 years. The atmosphere at U of M is AMAZING! To this day I still get choked up when the band and the team take the field.” - Barry Choate
  • “I’m from Ohio, I’ve been a wolverines fan since 1977. I have no ties to Michigan. I fell in love with the winged helmet and maize n blue colors when I was 8 years old, been a fan ever since. GO BLUE.” - Jeffrey Alfred
  • “Born and raised in New Jersey. Went to Michigan for undergraduate and graduated in 2004. Never stopped bleeding Maize and Blue since I first set foot in AA. I remember the time we rushed the field in 2003 when Michigan beat OSU to go to the Rose Bowl. One of my greatest memories with Michigan hosting the NCAA regionals two years in which they won.” - Kevin Ku
  • “I remember my grandfather watching the maize and blue when I was a little boy. My best memory to date was when I was able to take him to ‘Under the Lights II’ against Notre Dame. He passed last year after Christmas. This is the best Michigan memory.” - Timothy Krieger
  • “Grateful for Shea Patterson returning.” - Shane Costigan