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Jim Harbaugh Peach Bowl post-game presser recap

The presser was short

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media after Michigan’s 41-15 loss at the Peach Bowl. Harbaugh said he doesn’t anticipate any staff changes and spoke about what went wrong in the loss.

Harbaugh Peach Bowl Presser Recap

On the loss-

“Combination of things. Started out not picking up in the third and short and the fourth and very short. That hurt. That hurt one drive. We were moving the ball at times and close to getting into a rhythm, but we didn’t get the run game going effectively enough. Or the passing game, the protection, and the rhythm in that area to make it. “We got outplayed, really, on that side of the ball. Florida did a nice job defensively Defensively, it was really the same story. We didn’t play as well. Had missed calls, adjustments. We left a couple receivers wide open, some things that we don’t normally do.”

On the season-

“It was a very good season. It would have been a great season had we won this game. Didn’t get that done. My feeling about the team is we’re right there to the top, but we have to put it over the top. Especially in the big games at the end of the year.”

The losses to Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Florida-

“On those days, we were beaten by better teams. So we have to persevere, be persistent, keep working, and put it over the top.”

Changes in 2019?

“I think we’re going to take what we have and reload. A new season and tighten up. But keep working. Keep working to put it over the top.”