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Khaleke Hudson showed he’s a leader who will hold teammates accountable at Peach Bowl

2019 team captain Khaleke Hudson?

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines did not have a good day against the Florida Gators, but all was not lost for the savvy football fan (or pundit) who had their eyes open during the Peach Bowl. There were a few silver linings to be found.

One of which was the play and demeanor of Michigan linebacker/VIPER Khaleke Hudson.

Michigan’s defense may have given up far too many points, but Hudson was one of the bright spots, providing max effort even when the game got out of hand.

Hudson recorded 7 sackles, and even had an excellent punt block late in the game that ended up being a safety.

While Hudson was a leader on the field without Devin Bush by his side, his true tenacity was evident on the sideline where he showed as much fire as anyone who’ve played for Michigan in quite some time.

It all happened after this play, a 3rd & 20 Florida rushing touchdown that put the Gators up 34-13 in the 4th Quarter.

If Michigan’s D stops Florida there, it’s still a two score game and Michigan gets the ball back. Instead, a run up the gut goes for 50-plus.

Once the Michigan D made its way back to the sideline, Hudson was mad and he let his teammates know it.

There’s a time to stay calm, cool, and collected. There’s a time to stay the course and right the ship. There’s a time to be quiet. There’s also a time to figuratively run through walls, break down doors, and yell while doing it. And Hudson picked the correct time to do the latter.

Hudson was in no way showing up his teammates or singling any player out specifically. He was holding each player accountable. Hudson’s message appeared to be of the ‘Do Your Job’ variety.

Hudson is expected to return to Michigan in 2019, and he is already setting the tone for the expectations next season. He isn’t going to put up with the Michigan D giving up big plays and 30-plus points.

For those concerned about the likes of Rashan Gary, Chase Winovich, and Devin Bush leaving and creating a leadership void, need not worry, Hudson will be vocal and provide passionate leadership.