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Cris Carter commences annual baseless Jim Harbaugh to NFL rumors

It’s that time of year again

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Florida State v Mississippi Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter kicked off the annual Jim Harbaugh to the NFL rumors on Wednesday Morning.

Carter, who is an analyst on FS1’s First Things First, said Harbaugh might be trying to leave Michigan. *insert eye roll here

“Watch out for Jim Harbaugh,” Carter said. “Because Jim Harbaugh is potentially trying to get his way out of Michigan. I got good sources that are telling me not only Green Bay (Packers), but watch out for the Cleveland Browns. He likes their quarterback situation’s there, and I believe there are front office people in Green Bay who are enamored with Jim Harbaugh trying to get him to come to Green Bay.”

Interesting, Cris. Not really sure we can put much stock into what a former Ohio State wideout, who last year called Harbaugh the “most overrated coach in football”, says.

Carter cannot casually claim to know something as big as he did if he isn’t going to expand upon the rationale of his so-called sources. How Carter said what he said came out like a guy at a bar making things up to make himself look cool, only to look very uncool once he realizes no one believes him.

A lot of journalism has devolved into click-bait type programming (Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, Cris Carter, Colin Cowherd, etc.). There is a distinct difference between those types and true journalists, who actually spend each day of their life gathering facts to break news and provide accurate information.

We hear these baseless Harbaugh to the NFL rumors year after year, and they always turn out to be false. Maybe someday a rumor will be true, but it won’t be the one Cris Carter decided to throw out into the universe.

If there’s one ounce of truth to what Carter said, he will double-down on it and stick up for his “sources”, he’ll provide updates as to how things are evolving between Harbaugh and the Browns/Packers. But that scenario would be shocking, what is highly likely is Carter staying mum on this topic for the foreseeable future.

Until he proves me wrong, all I have to say to Mr. Carter is this: