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New Big Ten Championship Game format being discussed

With a new format we could see Ohio State and Michigan square off in the championship game

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Changes to Big Ten Football could be coming.

In recent years the Big Ten Championship game has pitted the B1G West Champion versus the B1G East Champion. Because of this format, the two best teams in the Big Ten don’t usually play in the Championship. We see a weaker team, such as Northwestern get in there, only to get blown out by the likes of Ohio State.

That format could be on its way out. Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany says putting the two best teams in the championship game is being discussed.

It remains to be seen what Delany means by two best teams. You’d assume he means best conference records, but two best teams could even mean where the top two are ranked overall in the polls.

In either case, this season would have had Ohio State and Michigan squaring off in the Big Ten Championship Game. Both had the same amount of conference wins, were both the highest ranked teams in the Big Ten, and Michigan would have had the tie-breaker advantage over Northwestern.

This type of Big Ten Championship makes a whole heck of a lot more sense, and would be a step in the right direction for the conference. Other conferences, such as the Big 12 pit the top two teams in the conference against one another in the Championship game, and the Big Ten should follow suit.

If the Big Ten was to change the championship format, it would lead to more intrigue, better matchups, and higher attendance.

Delany says this is being discussed more than it was 4 years ago, and that’s great. But discussion alone isn’t the answer, action is. And there’s no reason for the Big Ten not to change their championship format as soon as possible.

C’mon Jim, do the damn thing.