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Report: Michigan analyst Ron Prince taking HC job at Howard University

The former head coach of Kansas State and offensive line coach of the Detroit Lions is back in the head coaching game.

Kansas State v Texas Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

In a report by FootballScoop, Michigan offensive analyst Ron Prince is heading to Howard University to be its head coach.

FootballScoop also reports Prince is hiring Michigan defensive analyst Elijah Sandweiss in an unknown role.

Prince’s football coaching career goes back to the early ‘90s, but his first head coaching job came in 2006 when he was hired to lead Kansas State. He also has NFL assistant coaching experience with the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts.

Sandweiss started at U-M as a student equipment manager in 2012. He then was promoted to a student manager position in 2014. He began work with the defensive staff in 2016.

Analysts are not allowed to coach on the field during games, but Prince and Sandweiss both helped the Wolverines’ coaching staff and players prepare for games this season.