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What would you do if you had the Big House all to yourself?

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Jim Harbaugh recently did donuts in a car on the field at Michigan Stadium. Let’s hear some of your plans if you had the Big House all to yourself.

Luke D’Mello

July is the month that creates the least amount of college football news and notes. Big Ten Media Days is right around the corner, but outside of that it’s somewhat a slow month.

Jeff Phelps with Suburban Collection recently had Jim Harbaugh on his show and part of the segment was driving into the Big House to do donuts on the field in a Dodge Demon.

This generated a fun and interesting topic: What would you do in the Big House if you had it all to yourself? Some couples have decided to have their wedding in the stadium, while others have never been and would love to get there for a football game.

The stadium has hosted movie nights, tours and other events that offer fans the opportunity to see part of the venue others never will during a fall Saturday.

David Noe

I’ve been there for many games dating back to the early 1990’s, the opportunity to walk down the tunnel, be on the sideline before a game and to hold the M Club banner to watch the team run out before a top-10 matchup.

Heck, I’ve also done a snow angel on the Block M one day after attending a basketball game next door at Crisler.

David Noe
David Noe

I’ve had some awesome experiences in the Big House, but if I had it all to myself I’d get 50 of my closest friends and family, throw a big party with campers, RV’s and bonfires like a true tailgate weekend.

So what would be your ideal way to spend a day, or night, in the Big House? Let’s hear your ideas and get creative!