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Madden 19: Where are former Wolverines rated?

It’s no surprise who is at the top of the list.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Madden 19 released its official ratings Wednesday. Maize n Brew decided to scavenge the list of players and analyze each of the top-rated former Wolverines. Here are the top-6 Wolverines based on their Madden 19 ratings.

1. Tom Brady (99 overall)

Honestly, who is surprised by this one? Brady has led the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl eight times in the 16 years he has been behind center. The 3-time MVP repeated as the No. 1 player in the NFL Top 100 list this season.

Brady’s highest attributes on the game include 99 awareness, 99 play-action, and 99 throw accuracy short. He also finishes in the high 80’s-90’s in almost every other important Madden QB rating with 97 throw accuracy mid, 96 throw power, 96 throw under pressure, 88 throw on the run and 86 throw accuracy deep. These stats easily make him one of the best QB’s to use in the game up there with Aaron Rodgers.

Potentially the most controversial rating that the 40-year-old received was a 39 catch rating, higher than Nick Foles who was only at a 32. There has been scrutiny involving this insignificant rating solely because Foles caught a TD pass in the Super Bowl and Brady dropped a wide open pass himself during the big game.

However, without a doubt, Brady deserves his 99 overall rating to begin this season. We’ll see if he can keep that rating up throughout the entirety of it.

2. Brandon Graham (93 overall)

The latest Michigan Man to win a Super Bowl comes with an impressive 93 overall rating, and leads one of the toughest defensive lines in all of football. Graham had the best season of his career last year with the Philadelphia Eagles, finishing with 9.5 sacks, 33 tackles and a fumble returned for a touchdown.

Most of Graham’s ratings sit in the 80/low-90 range for his position. The most impressive of the list are a 93 power move, 90 awareness, 90 tackle, 88 hit power, 88 strength, 87 block shedding, and 86 acceleration. Graham is one of the best LE in the game ranking 4th, and would be a solid option to add to your defensive line in a fantasy draft mode.

If the 29-year-old can repeat his performance from last season, he could see his ratings continue to go up.

3. Taylor Lewan (85 overall)

Lewan has quietly had a couple of very impressive seasons with the Tennessee Titans protecting Marcus Mariota. Entering his fifth season, Lewan has shown he was well worth the Titans’ 11th overall selection in 2014. He earned a bit of hardware last season after being voted a First-Team All-Pro by Sporting News. He is also a two-time Pro Bowler and has been ranked in the NFL Top-100 the last two seasons.

Lewan is the seventh-ranked left tackle in the game, and is capable of finishing the season in the top five barring injury. He has the fourth-highest strength rating among left tackles at 91. His only other rating pertaining to his position above 90 overall is a 91 awareness rating. His other ratings of note are 86 acceleration, 86 pass block finesse and 85 pass block rating.

4. Devin Funchess (82 overall)

Funchess, the former tight end at U-M, made a change to wide receiver at the next level, which paid off for him big time. The wide out scored 8 touchdowns last season and had 840 receiving yards on 63 receptions.

The former second round pick has impressive speed and catch related ratings comprised of 90 acceleration, 89 speed, 88 catch, 87 spectacular catch and 87 agility. Where he lacks skill, according to Madden 19, is what he does after the catch. His highest rated move with the ball is an 82 juke. So while he is a great option towards the redzone, don’t expect him to do much once he has the ball.

The 24-year-old is only entering his fourth season with the team, and this will be his first year as the No. 1 WR option for Cam Newton. This could cause his rating to improve throughout the course of the season.

5. Frank Clark (81 overall)

The Seahawks D-end had a troubled start to his NFL career after he was kicked off Michigan’s football team, and was injured in his rookie season.

But, the 24 year old turned his career around the past two season tallying 19 sacks over that span.

Clark too has impressed with his speed on the field, which translates to his Madden statistics. Acceleration is his highest attribute at 90, his speed is a 84, and his awareness an 83. However he has a very low tackle rating (65) and an average finesse move (77) which makes him an incomplete and inefficient defensive lineman for most Madden players.

6. Jourdan Lewis (79 overall)

Lewis has an incredible opportunity starting his sophomore season, the capability to be the best corner on the Cowboys. In a weak group, the former third round pick is currently the second-highest rated cornerback by only one point to Byron Jones.

Like other former Michigan players on this list, Lewis’ top attributes are related to his quickness. Agility (92), acceleration (90), and speed (89) are his best skills, according to the game. Lewis’ positional ability isn’t quite as good according to the game. He is high-70’s to low-80’s in press coverage (81), man coverage (79), play recognition (78), and zone coverage (76). Although he is undersized for the position to most Madden players, he is an average corner for those who enjoy using America’s team.

Other notable players:

Jabrill Peppers (78)

Jake Ryan (78)

Taco Charleton (77)

Maurice Hurst (76)

Ben Gedeon (76)

Jake Butt (74)

Amara Darboh (71)

Graham Glasgow (71)

Mason Cole (67)

Jake Rudock (60)

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