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VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh drives donuts in the Big House in Dodge Demon

In an interview with Suburban Drives Michigan, Harbaugh talks life in Ann Arbor and tears up Michigan Stadium turf.

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“Some people say less is more,” Jim Harbaugh said in an interview with Suburban Drives Michigan. “I fundamentally argue with that concept.

“More is always more.”

Harbaugh offered a smorgasbord of maxims like these in a 20-minute episode in the style of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, all while the host drove him around Ann Arbor in the 2018 840-hp Dodge Demon.

Yes, that’s 840 horse power. Also, yes, a guy named Sam Dodge is writing about Jim Harbaugh in a Dodge.

Without warning, the coach took the wheel and made some Washtenaw Dairy-sized donuts on the Big House turf.

Aside from cutting up the (now replaced) turf, Harbaugh details his deep knowledge and love for his hometown and alma mater.

There’s the moment he points to St. Francis of Assisi School, where he once attended and now sends his own children. There’s him rocking out to a heavy metal version of The Victors. There’s him messing up an order at Crazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger (“Cheaper than food.”)

It’s 20 minutes of digital glory. Just when you thought there was enough Harbaugh randomness in your life, this comes along.

As he said: “More is more.”