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Higdon, Bredeson, Bush and Kinnel named 2018 Michigan football captains

The offensive picks were no brained, but no Winovich? No Gary?

Cincinnati v Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines’ football Twitter account officially revealed the 2018 team captains Saturday night, and I’m a bit surprised at some of these picks.

Your offensive captains are no-brainers — left guard Ben Bredeson and running back Karan Higdon. No debates from me.

But the two defensive captains are Devin Bush and Tyree Kinnel.

I expected Kinnel to be named a defensive captain, but I’m absolutely stunned to not see Chase Winovich’s name here.

Even if their intentions were to name one junior and one senior, my picks would go to Rashan Gary and Winovich. These two are as vocal as they come and have been team leaders since last year.

Ultimately, this isn’t a big deal by any means, and Gary and Winovich will still be leaders on the team, but I was just surprised by these selections.

What do you think? Do you agree with the captain picks? Sound off, as always, in the comments.