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Behind Enemy Lines Q&A: SMU

Nicholas Armstong of sat down with us to discuss the game against the Mustangs.

NCAA Football: Frisco Bowl-Louisiana Tech vs Southern Methodist Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan put the exclamation point on a blowout of fellow in-state school Western Michigan winning 49-3. That win looks to propel the Wolverines forward as they build confidence against the SMU Mustangs.

With SMU now under the leadership of former Cal Golden Bears head man Sonny Dykes, they are in somewhat of a rebuild. With that question raised, there are still many more that Michigan fans should know about the upcoming opponent. And that’s why I talked to Nicholas Armstrong of and got down to the nitty gritty about SMU.

Josh LaFond: Does SMU have any shot at upsetting Michigan?

Nicholas Armstrong: SMU has no chance of upsetting Michigan. I have watched both the North Texas game and the TCU game, and I have just seen sloppy play all the way around. This offensive system has not worked well so far and (quarterback) Ben Hicks looks like he’s lost. The only way there is an upset is if SMU can make a dent in the passing game. But, this defense was shredded by every team so far. So put all that together with a Michigan team that may have found it’s groove, and SMU has no chance.

Josh: Who are the Mustangs best players and what kind of impact do you expect them to have against Michigan?

Nicholas: Usually, I would say Ben Hicks is the best player on the team is a great leader. But with how he has played the first two game, I cannot honestly say that. Through two games, the best offensive player is Braeden West. He is the do it all back who is speedy and will get involved in the passing game.The best player defensively is Jordan Wyatt. He is the leader of the secondary and is one of the better defensive backs in the AAC.

Josh: Which Michigan player(s) do you think will disrupt the Mustangs the most?

Nicholas: Rashan Gary is going to be very disruptive to the Mustang’s run game. After last game, I can only believe that may be the running game is alright. But if Gary and the rest of the D-Line plug the holes, this team has a chance of being shut out.

Josh: Before we get a score and game prediction let’s change the channel and have some fun. Who do you think is the greatest college football team of all time?

Nicholas: I interpret this two ways, so I will give you two answers. Seeing I live in Florida, I have always heard about the 2001 Miami Hurricanes team, being the best college team ever. This team would eventually lead to 38 NFL Draft picks and had 17 that went in the first round.

However, as far as the best program in college football, Michigan is probably the best all-time program with Alabama a close second. I might be a tad biased because Michigan produced my favorite QB, Tom Brady.

Josh: Smart pick with Michigan, my friend.

If you could choose one superhero to play for the Mustangs who would it be and why?

Nicholas: Please send Spiderman to come help the Mustangs. As I said, Ben Hicks has been all over the place and his throws have been so off that we need Spidey’s webs in order to complete a pass. That would then make it an even playing field, Saturday.

Josh: This one might cause some arguments but lets go for it anyway.

Rank the five best football movies ever.

Nicholas: Oh my this is a tough one...

1. The Blindside

2. Remember the Titans

3. We Are Marshall

4. The Waterboy

5. Facing the Giants

Josh: Oh dear god, Nicholas. The first three I get, but I can’t get behind The Waterboy and Facing the Giants, sorry not sorry. For what it’s worth, here’s my list:

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming... give us the score of Saturday’s game and a prediction on how it unfolds.

Nicholas: I’m channeling my inner Lee Corso..... Give me that helmet!

Michigan 42-10!

Nicholas is a tremendous interview and a heckuva writer. Head on over to and check out all his work on SMU and the rest of their coverage on all things AAC, C-USA, Sun Belt, and FCS football! You can also click HERE to check out our preseason Q&A.