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Michigan’s play of the game against Notre Dame

Ambry Thomas goes coast to coast to end the first half.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

No one expected to fall behind Notre Dame 21-3 in the first half. The offense was supposed to be better, and the defense was supposed to already be great. In South Bend, neither were true for the first 30 minutes.

Michigan was able to get on the board just before halftime on Ambry Thomas’ kick off return with just under four minutes to play. Thomas took the kick left then exploded through a hole, breaking a couple of tackles before outrunning everyone to the endzone.

When discussing the return, the sophomore cornerback had this to say:

I knew once I got to going, I was really gone and nobody was going to catch me. Our philosophy is see a little, see a lot and that’s what I did. I saw it a little bit. And once I got up, I seen a lot and I just ran...Yeah, when I broke the first arm tackle, I felt I was off to the races. The second one I really didn’t see him so it didn’t budge me that much. I just knew I was gone.

Thomas had one other return on the night, and that was a good one too, going for about 30 yards. With an inconsistent offense, Michigan is going to need to find points where it can. Thomas can be a dynamic weapon in the return game, both putting up points and giving the Wolverines the field position advantage.