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Everything Shea Patterson said after Michigan’s loss to Notre Dame

All the quotes from Patterson

Michigan v Notre Dame Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson battled through an injury, came up with some big plays, and made a couple turnovers during Michigan’s 24-17 loss to Notre Dame.

After the game Patterson had his post game press conference where he was asked a variety of questions about the offensive unit and his own performance.

Shea Patterson Press Conference Transcript

Q. Shea, what happened when you had to come out of the game, and was it something that lingered with you the rest of the way?

SHEA PATTERSON: Just kind of cramped up. Started in my calf, moved up to my quad, and all the way through my hamstring. And just tried to rush in there, back in there, wasn’t going to make it. (Inaudible) spasm in my leg, couldn’t move. Tried to rush back in the locker room, get an IV and try to come back and finish the game.

Q. Shea, were there any communication issues, particularly earlier in the game, it was pretty loud, was there any communication issues between you and the offensive line?

SHEA PATTERSON: No, not really. We knew it was going to be pretty loud here at Notre Dame. And we used the silent count actually the whole game. There weren’t any issues.

Q. When you envisioned your first start here, I have a feeling this might not be the way you envisioned it, what do you think went wrong?

SHEA PATTERSON: Nobody really wants to start off like that. But our defense and our special teams put us in really good situations to make something happen. Early on I took a sack, was in field goal range. Careless (indiscernible) off my back leg. At the end of the game ball security was huge. Just go back and learn from the tape. Study tonight.

Q. What did you learn both about yourself and your offensive unit tonight?

SHEA PATTERSON: There’s a lot of potential. I feel like our offensive line did a great job. Our receivers went out there and made plays. Running backs, Karan and Chris, the whole game, especially in the drop-back game, getting their check down and just getting the ball in open space.

There’s a lot of potential. Just gotta learn from it. It’s a long season.

Q. The 52-yarder to Nico, I think a lot of people were expecting that Tarik was hoping it would be his role. Explosive plays, few and far between, the chemistry with Nico, is that something you see as can be something regular?

SHEA PATTERSON: Yeah. Nico had a hell of a fall camp. He started in the rotation. Tarik has been obviously hurt. And he’s a playmaker, one of the leaders on our team. Looking forward to getting him back. We have so many guys out there that make plays, Grant Perry, Zach Gentry and Nico. And Donovan played well.

Q. Coach emphasized that -- stressed this is the beginning, not the end. Talk about your feelings along those lines, how much better all of this can be.

SHEA PATTERSON: We had some adversity tonight. And, like I said, it’s a long season. -- it’s a good thing to happen us, obviously we don’t want to start off like that. Always want to grow and look at the tape and get better every single week. Can’t dwell on it. Gotta move on.

Q. Is that the job that Dylan did, can you talk about the job Dylan did?

SHEA PATTERSON: Dylan did an awesome job coming in there. I don’t think he ever played in there before. Came in there at Notre Dame, (inaudible) was really proud of him. I didn’t get to see much of him after that because I was in the locker room getting an IV. Very proud of him.

Q. A lot of different formations, personnel groups, your shotgun, under center, rolling out. How comfortable are you with all of that, or are you comfortable with some things more than others?

SHEA PATTERSON: I’m very comfortable. Very comfortable with this offense. Diverse and going under center and shotgun and different formations, get the ball in open space. Run the ball and pass the ball downfield. I’m really comfortable with it.

Q. The offense has potential. I guess, what sort of immediate improvement do you think -- I guess what would be that next step for reaching that potential all game?

SHEA PATTERSON: It’s our first game. We had a lot of new guys in there and myself. So there’s just a lot of room to grow. And not every offense is going to come out firing the first week. We just have so many weapons and just going to continue to grow.