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Michigan game balls versus Nebraska

These game balls were easy to pass out

Dustin Johnston- Maize n Brew

Michigan defeated Nebraska 56-10 on Saturday and there were plenty of standout performances.


Offense- The Offensive Line

Yes, the whole unit gets a game ball.

Ben Mason may have scored 3 TD’s, but he couldn’t have done it without the big boys up front so they get the honors today.

Michigan’s offensive line was dominant from the start of the game and never looked back. Gaping holes in the run game were provided, and on most passing plays Shea Patterson and Dylan McCaffrey received ample time to operate.

It may have been against now 0-3 Nebraska, but it was still an impressive showing after the unit has been critiqued heavily since Michigan’s loss to Notre Dame.

Over 40 rushing attempts and over 30 passing attempts led to a balanced approach that gave the o-line lots of needed experience. The film grade they receive from Ed Warinner should be a good one this time around. They were wrecking Nebraska’s front seven.

Defense- Devin Bush

Bush has been one of the best LB’s in the country early on this season, he’s been doing it all.

Pass coverage, run support, attacking the quarterback, Bush can get it done.

It was another impressive effort for him this week, recording 6 tackles (all solo, 2 for loss) and 1 sack.

His lateral speed and ability to quickly diagnose plays really disrupts what an offense wants to accomplish. To know what I’m talking about you have to watch the video below.

Special Teams- Donovan Peoples-Jones

DPJ to the HOUSE.

Electric, elusive, and some top-flight speed. Peoples-Jones has really took a big leap as a wideout this season, now he’s doing the same as a returner. We always have to give a hat-tip to the max-effort blocking from the unit on this play.

Have you a game ball, DPJ.