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Jim Harbaugh Nebraska post-game presser recap

Harbaugh talked about all three phases of his football team

Nebraska v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media after his Michigan Wolverines shelled the Nebraska 56-10.

After the game he spoke to the media about what transpired.

Harbaugh Presser Recap

Offensive Line

really ran the ball well. Protected the passer extremely well and did a good job really on all the plays. The outside, C and D gaps, especially good. Really good moving, controlling the line of scrimmage. I really thought in all phases our offensive line played extremely well, maybe their best game.”

Playing Physical

“I thought our team played very physical, in all phases. Offensively, defensively, special teams. Showed up in a lot of the one on one matchups, showed up in the goal-line, short yardage football on both sides. Thought our receivers blocked extremely well again. Donovan (Peoples-Jones) has been blocking extremely well. Showed up on the punt return, there was some great blocks there. I thought physically our team played well today.”

Dylan McCaffrey and Shea Patterson

I thought they were both good. Really, really on top of everything they were doing, really in control. Thought both had real good presence in the pocket, going through their reads and throwing the ball accurate again. That’s great to see. Dylan continues to improve every time he gets in. That’s a position like all the positions in football, but especially quarterback, it takes playing and having time on task and being out there. And he’s getting that. It’s never too big for him. I really like that about Dylan. So, all good there. Both quarterbacks really played well.”

Defensive performances

“I thought Josh Metellus showed up quite a few times, in coverage and in tackling. Thought he was getting around the field well. Really locked in and playing good. Great experience for Aidan Hutchinson, as much as he’s been playing, and he’s in the two-deep now, doing a good job. I thought our defensive line really, the pass rush was really good today,. And the discipline in the rush lanes was evident today. They didn’t run by the quarterback, they didn’t let the quarterback get out on the scrambling. The rush lanes were really condensed and they were on the quarterback fast. It was good to see. All those guys I thought really played well up front. Chase (Winovich), and Rashan (Gary), and Bryan Mone, just a great job by our front four. And Devin Bush continues to shut down the option plays, looks as fast as the backs, which he is. He’s doing a great job. It’s good, really good. Good to see Brad Hawkins. He’s ascending as well, he had a great block on the punt return by Donovan and played well in his time. Good, more disciplined football it seemed, by both our offense and our defense today.”

Running Backs

“We kept Chris Evans out. Didn’t have a setback, just didn’t feel like he was ready to go. And Karan, he was ready to go. Karan was ready to play. You could see it really from even before the game. Great to have him back. It was also great to see some of the other backs get the touches. Tru Wilson again played well, and great to see Christian Turner on the scene now. We’ve been watching him in practice for quite some time and know it was just a matter of time before he would make his presence known. Thought that was really good. Really liked to have gotten Hassan Haskins in there a little bit as well, but we did get quite a few.”

Dylan McCaffrey to Ronnie Bell

“We were spreading the ball around really well to different receivers. Nice to see Ronnie Bell make a heck of a play, and finish it. Excellent pass by Dylan.”

Giving Ben Mason chances

“Inertia was the main factor in the decision. When he gets going, he’s thunder. I think he’s 258 pounds, he gets moving fast and he gets moving fast and he’s running hard. He’s got talent and ability and like having Ben Mason in the game. Talk about physical player, he is known as that on our team already and taking advantage of his skill-set.”