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Biggest question of Nebraska game: Kicking game, another targeting call among finite issues

Even in a blowout victory, a couple Wolverines made mistakes that could have been huge in competitive games.

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines absolutely lit up Scott Frost and his Nebraska Cornhuskers at the Big House yesterday to the tune of a 56-10 beat down.

Even in a 46-point victory, mistakes can be made, and some were made yesterday that could have made a huge impact had the Wolverines been playing someone like Ohio State, Penn State or Wisconsin.

After Michigan scored its third touchdown of the game thanks to a Ben Mason touchdown run, kicker Quinn Nordin trotted out to make what should be considered a “gimme.”

Naturally, Nordin missed the extra point.

For me, ever since the Penn State game last season, I have been nervous every single time Nordin comes onto the field to attempt a kick of any kind. He showed his inconsistencies last year, especially during that game, and has already missed one field goal and one extra point this season.

Nordin has made three field goals of 50 or more yards in his young career after his 50-yard field goal yesterday. He has the leg talent to put up long field goals at any given moment. Let’s just hope this sort of thing is worked out before Nov. 24 around noontime. It simply seems like a case of staying confident and out of his own head.

Another play that left fans shaking their heads was Viper Khaleke Hudson’s targeting call.

One week after Hudson was flagged for targeting, he comes back in the second half of the Nebraska game and does this. Simply put — this was not smart at all. The argument can be made that he should not have been out there that late, anyways. But still, he has to be better than this.

Now he has to miss the first half of the Northwestern game next week in Evanston. Luckily, Jordan Glasgow looked good in replacing Hudson in the first half of yesterday’s game, but Hudson is the type of player that can single-handedly change games. ‘Member the Minnesota game last season? I ‘member.

These mistakes cannot happen again. The Wolverines are too good a team to have these blunders cost them another game. A special teams mistake cost them three points at Notre Dame, and a targeting call kicked Josh Metellus — a player I have been pretty impressed with so far this year — out of that same game.

These are game-changing mistakes against teams that have a chance to beat the Wolverines. Mistakes that could make or break a game for Michigan, which could potentially make or break the season.

Michigan has some work to do in sharpening up some of the finer points of their game, but there was still a handful of blunders in the blowout win. Thankfully, they were never big enough to have an impact.