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All the quotes: Shea Patterson recaps Michigan’s win over WMU

Michigan beat WMU by a score of 49-3. QB Shea Patterson was happy with the outcome.

Dustin Johnson (@DJPhotoVideo)

Michigan Wolverines quarterback Shea Patterson had a productive day against the Western Michigan Broncos en route to a 49-3 victory.

On the day, Patterson was 12-17 for 125 yards and 3 touchdowns.

After the game, Patterson had his post-game presser, where he spoke about a variety of topics.

Here’s a recap of his comments

On Karan Higdon and Michigan’s offensive line

“Our o-line played a heck of a game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen holes open up that wide and just the way he (Karan Higdon) ran the ball opened up so much in our passing game, got safeties to come down and play in the box.”

Getting over the loss to Notre Dame

“We just wanted to get that sour taste out of our mouth from last week and just come out and set the tone early with what our offense did today. Our defense played a hell of a game, put us in good situations, special teams as well.”

Playing at The Big House for the first time

“It really didn’t hit me until I was on the bus driving over here, because I remember just being at tailgates and talking to my dad. And that’s when it really hit me, when I ran out of the tunnel with all my teammates, I cant describe that feeling, it was kind of emotional but exciting as well.”

The touchdown pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones

“We had that concept in the red-zone, we worked on it all week. We had a slant outside by Nico Collins, he kinda cleared the corner from the back of the end zone and Donovan ran a heck of a route, to stem that inside and then get to the back pylon. And my o-line did a hell of a job giving me time so it’s kind of a routine throw.”

First touchdown by a receiver in 364 days

“I honestly wasn’t aware of that stat, but I know as a team right now collectively we’re really not focused on last year, we’re all about moving forward. We have a bright season ahead.”

The game-plan for this week

“We have a lot of coaches on staff who have a ton of experience and a lot of success, so really just buying into the game-plan all week. We had time to really hone in and focus on the game-plan and know each concept. Just the way we were running the ball today made it easy on the passing game, honestly, simply put.”

The touchdown pass to Nico Collins

“That one felt good, that one felt really good. Nico does a great job of taking the top off of the safety and we were running the ball pretty well on that drive. Had a play action fake and the safety bit, Nico did his job and all I had to do was lay it up.”