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Rice grad transfer DT Zach Abercrumbia discusses interest in Michigan, conversation with Harbaugh & Brown

We caught up with Abercrumbia about potentially becoming a Wolverine

NCAA Football: Rice at Texas El Paso Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Rice Grad transfer defensive tackle Zach Abercrumbia has many programs interested in his services, and Michigan is one of those teams.

The 6-2 286 lb interior lineman and co-captain had a good season for the Owls in 2018, recording 55 tackles (4.5 for loss). Abercrumbia was named to the Pro Football Focus All-Conference-USA First-Team Defense.

Maize n Brew caught up with Abercrumbia, who told us about his conversation with Michigan. Abercrumbia said he had a “good conversation” on the phone with head coach Jim Harbaugh and defensive coordinator Don Brown.

“Seemed like they really had a need inside and were trying to gauge my interest in them as well,” Abercrumbia said. He said Harbaugh and Brown are “high energy and really seem to understand their players and their needs.”

Abercrumbia said he watched a couple of Michigan’s games and believes he could “fit in well”, saying that they Rice and Michigan run a “similar defense”.

When it comes to if Abercrumbia could start for Michigan, he’d be given a chance, stating “They (Harbaugh and Brown) said with the departure of some key guys up front I would have a possibility of coming in and getting tremendous playing time if I beat out the competition.”

Abercrumbia likes the fact he would have to earn a starting job. “It lets me know they don’t just give up on players once they find someone better. And also I am not afraid of a little competition, so it’s right up my alley,” he said.

Michigan and Abercrumbia haven’t yet discusses meeting one another in person, but we will pass that information along if/when a date is set.

Right now Abercrumbia has official visits to Iowa (Feb 1st) and Mississippi State (Jan 25), along with an unofficial visit to SMU. There is no firm timetable as to when Abercrumbia will choose who he plays for next season, he says he’s in “no rush”.

Other programs that have reached out to Abercrumbia include Notre Dame, Northwestern, Texas, Penn State, Memphis, TCU, Toledo, Tulane, Vanderbilt, and Oregon State.

If Michigan lands Abercrumbia, it will mean they beat out a ton of competition for his services.