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Jim Harbaugh, Josh Gattis make first public comments about direction of Michigan offense

This week’s Harbaughs Podcast welcomes the new offensive coordinator

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This week’s episode of The Harbaughs Podcast welcomes new offensive coordinator Josh Gattis to the show, as he and Jim Harbaugh make their first on the record comments about the hire and what it will mean for them moving forward.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh says that Gattis is being given the keys to the “bus” in Ann Arbor with the offensive attack, while the new assistant also spoke about what he expects his guys to do and how they will attack things.

“We want to be an explosive offense,” Gattis said. “Obviously, we’re not going to get away from some of the base foundation we truly believe in starting with the run game and being able to impose a physical presence. That’s where it’s going to start for us.

“But it’s also about getting our skill players involved and having answers to what teams want to be able to defensively. We want to be able to dictate the game not only from a tempo and style-of-play standpoint but dictate how teams view us and what we can attack them with. When you look at that whole style of play, are there times we’re going to be multiple? Yes. We’re going to have the ability to be multiple. We’re going to make sure it’s going to be personnel-driven. We’re going to get our playmakers the ball, get our speed out in space and allow our skill players to be skill players and let them be active.”

Listen using the player below.

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