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Michigan WR Giles Jackson reacts to hire of Josh Gattis and Polynesian Bowl trip

The incoming freshman is participating in this year’s Polynesian Bowl.

Polynesian Bowl

Michigan commit Giles Jackson is starting 2019 off on a high note for a few reasons. The Oakley, California native is a 4-star wide receiver and part of a talented class about to arrive in Ann Arbor. He is in Hawaii currently preparing for the Polynesian Bowl on Saturday.

Maize n Brew recently caught up with Giles to get his perspective of the week in Hawaii, the 2019 recruiting class and reaction of the hiring of offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.

“I was excited to get this invitation. It’s a huge opportunity to play your last game in Hawaii.” Giles said. “This is my first time in Hawaii and I was just impressed on how nice everything looked and how friendly people were. We’ve learned a few words and some of the Haka dance.”

We also got his perspective of this 2019 Michigan recruiting class, which is ranked eighth overall in the country according to 247Sports.

“I’ve honestly connected with all of them. We talk everyday so we’re all up to date on everything,” he said. “I feel like this class we have is great.” He’s become very close with quarterback Cade McNamara and safety Daxton Hill.

Jackson also explained his outlook and personal goals at the next level at Michigan.

“I’m looking forward to winning a national championship,” he said. “I want to be one of the most versatile players to ever come out the program. I’m just trying to perfect my craft at this game and have a good time.”

Jackson certainly has the chance to become a versatile player for Michigan, but it all starts with how his offensive coordinator draws up plays for him. So, what does Jackson think about Gattis being hired on to be the next offensive coordinator?

“I think he is a great hire,” Jackson said. “He’s a great guy and we talked the day he got the job and yesterday, but he didn’t tell me how exactly how he wanted to use me in the offense.”

You can catch Jackson in action this Saturday in the Polynesian Bowl on CBS Sports Network.

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