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Grad transfer Zach Abercrumbia talks visit with Jim Harbaugh, Shaun Nua: “Truly enjoyed it”

Maize n Brew spoke with Abercrumbia

Houston v Rice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and defensive line coach Shaun Nua spent their day in Texas, meeting with Rice grad transfer, defensive tackle Zach Abercrumbia. They met with the DT at a BBQ restaurant.

Maize n Brew spoke with Abercrumbia shortly after his meeting with Harbaugh and Nua concluded.

“It was good,” Abercrumbia said of the meeting. “I think they were very genuine, I truly enjoyed it.”

Abercrumbia liked the vibes, saying “the energy and vibe from as soon as we connected, we really had a productive conversation.”

“They seemed like they were able to see big picture for me,” Abercrumbia said. “They seemed very honest and that they truly want to see me do well.”

When asked what is the big picture for him, Abercrumbia said “for me it’s somewhere that I fit in schematically and I have a chance to play early and win.”

The three also talked about “The state of Michigan and the state of Rice and potentially setting a date” for Abercrumbia to visit Ann Arbor.

While no visit date is set in stone yet, Abercrumbia said he definitely wants to set a date to see the University of Michigan.

Abercrumbia has become a hot commodity since announcing he’ll be transferring from Rice, with Notre Dame, Penn State, Iowa, and more than a half dozen other programs interested in his services.

The 6-2 286 lb interior lineman and co-captain recorded 55 tackles (4.5 for loss) in 2018 and was named to the Pro Football Focus All-Conference-USA First-Team Defense.