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4-star WR Cornelius Johnson says Michigan’s talking about ‘expanding the offense’ in 2019

Let it rip

Air Force v Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines offense will look somewhat different in 2019 when it comes to personnel, but that may not be the only thing that’s different next season.

Both tight end Zach Gentry and running back Karan Higdon will be heading to the NFL, so right now it’s uncertain who will become the No. 1 RB and TE.

What we do know is Michigan will be as loaded as any team in the nation at wideout, and will even have playmakers like incoming 4-star freshman Cornelius Johnson vying for snaps.

With the amount of weapons at receiver (Nico Collins, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Tarik Black, Ronnie Bell, Johnson, and others), it would be wise for Michigan to dial up more 3 and 4 receiver sets than we’ve seen in years past.

And that may be the case in 2019 according to Cornelius Johnson.

“There’s definitely talk of that… sort of expanding the offense more, throwing it more to the receivers on early downs. Definitely want to get that done this season. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to it.”

Throwing it more to the receivers on early downs would mean throwing more in general. And throwing on early downs figuratively can throw off a defense and make them guess what’s coming on first and second down, opposed to them knowing the percetage of it being a run play is extremely high.

Football is the ultimate game of chess and unpredictability is necessary. If what Johnson is saying has merit, it’s good news for the Michigan offense, on early downs and in general. The team has playmakers that deserve their shots to haul in high percentage targets, and they surely can handle the task of winning more 50-50 balls.

Let it rip.