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Daily Brews: Joe Milton explains development drills, lofty aspirations at Michigan

The Wolverines’ young quarterback wants it all, Dax Hill hype continues to grow and more in our Brews for Oct. 11.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Michigan Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a portion of the Michigan fanbase ready to see what Joe Milton can bring to the table at quarterback, but those in the know are aware that his development is ongoing and that he has to learn out to add some other pitches to his repertoire other than a four-seam fastball. The redshirt freshman this week explained what he is doing to put more touch on his throws.

“Coach McDaniels has these drills,” Milton said, via “We stay in the pocket and they have these big bags (to simulate large blockers at the line of scrimmage), and we have to find a hole to throw through. We have this big quarterback net and we have to throw the ball high enough for it to just drop over the net into one of three holes like it’s going into a receiver’s hands. Yeah, it’s like throwing it into a basket.

”You have to learn that sometimes the throws can’t be hard because they have someone covering them. You have to know how to soften it up and throw it early. I worked on that in high school, but now we have more details to work on that.”

“What are my own dreams?” said Milton, repeating the question. “In college, I want to win the Heisman and the national title. Beyond that, I want to be a first-round draft pick and hold up that No. 1 jersey (on draft day). I want to get drafted with the first pick and win the Super Bowl and be the youngest to ever do that.

”But mostly what I want to do is whatever my team needs to win.”

Sherrone Moore adds to Dax Hill hype

Michigan tight ends coach Sherrone Moore may not be the guy in the safeties room when freshman Dax Hill is learning his craft, but he is qualified to speak on his development seeing as he was his primarily recruiter.

Moore spoke about the former five-star freshman and said that the player that we have seen come into his own in recent weeks is exactly what the Wolverines knew they were getting.

“(Hill has been kind) of what we thought he would be,” Moore told the media on Wednesday. “A kid that if he walked into the room right now, if you didn’t know it was him you would have no idea he’s here. Just a kid that works, he grinds and he’s going to do what he needs to do. He’s extremely talented and it’s good to see him progress how I thought it would and how the defense thought it would.”

So what is the ceiling for the young defensive back who is already starting to blossom into an important contributor?

“He can be as good as he wants to be,” Moore said. “He’s an excellent athlete, he’s as fast as anybody in college football. He’s got great ball skills, all the above. I think it’s going to be him spending time with Coach Partridge and learning every single nuance of what the offense is going to do that week and making sure he knows it just as well as Coach Brown knows it. When he keeps doing that and invests in that, the sky is the limit for him.”

Hill started the season primarily playing special teams, but has started to get more run with the starting defense and head coach Jim Harbaugh said this week that he has taken over as the No. 1 nickel player on that side of the ball, so expect to see him continue to learn on the job as the Wolverines move through the 2019 season.

Rashan Gary continues to improve with Packers

The Wolverines lost one of their stars on the defensive side of the ball when Rashan Gary declared for the 2019 NFL Draft. He would be selected by the Green Bay Packers in the first round, who are helmed by a Mt. Pleasant, Michigan native at head coach in Matt LaFleur. He sees improvement from the young pass rusher as his rookie year goes along.

“I think he’s getting a little bit better each and every week,” LaFleur said, via The Detroit News. “It takes those rushers usually some time before they really come into their own and reach their full potential. What’s been so impressive about Rashan is just the way he attacks each and every day.”

Gary has eight tackles, one for loss, and a fumble recovery in the early part of this year.

Football fans in the state of Michigan will get a chance to watch the former college star locally when the Detroit Lions head to Lambeau Field for a showdown with the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football to close out the Week 6 slate of games.

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