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LOOK: Penn State already grabs a loss after brutally lame batch of College GameDay signs

Not a great showing in Happy Valley.

Penn State hosts the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday night in college football’s game of the week in front of a national audience. That also means that ESPN’s College GameDay was in Happy Valley, giving the fans in attendance a chance to get their signs on television in hopes they would go viral.

If we’re being honest, Penn State fans fumbled this worse than the 17 footballs the Wolverines have put on the turf this season.

The disclaimer here is that most of these will hurt your feelings, so consider this an effort to put steel in your spines and build a callus ahead of Saturday night’s game.

These are alright

So before we show you the ones that suck, I will give props to the ones that aren’t that bad. This one above pretty much sums up the fanbase perfectly right now, and zero lies were detected.

I actually like this one a lot due to the fact that they used an actual clock prop. It makes it evergreen, even if it’s mean and hurts our feelings.

This one is the crown jewel of the day and the best by far. You throw a Fairly OddParents reference in there and you get points.

This one is actually lame but gets points for being clever.

Ok, now onto the rest of them.

The Bad

We will not accept beer slander around here. It’s in our name, fergodsakes.

None of these make sense to me. These are the participation trophies of sign-making and a bad precedent to set for the youths.

Did I black out and stumble into a 2001 edition of College GameDay?

Get it? Cuz Hugh Jackman played Wolverine.

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with PBS programming! Second of all, MU?

You’re on Ohio State’s schedule, you guys.

This last one is a two-for-one deal. We get your cookie-cutter Harbaugh-Wal-Mart connection and then slander of Ann Arbor’s good and wholesome name. The first sign sucks, but the second one is just unnecessary.

If you could have made a sign today, what would yours have read? Sound off in the comments below.