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Michigan fans, national media rally around Ronnie Bell after tough end at Penn State

This is a game. Ronnie Bell is a kid. Let’s not forget that.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Ronnie Bell had a rough end to the game between Michigan and Penn State after an unfortunate drop on fourth and goal that went right through his fingers in the endzone. It was a recurring problem for the wide receiver room on the night, but that it ended that way for the kid who has been Michigan’s most consistent wide receiver all season was tough to swallow.

Unfortunately, that’s life and that’s sports.

However, what we are about to share from an enormous turd of a human being that was posted to social media from Bell’s father, Aaron, is a glimpse into the type of venom and hatred that people feel compelled to share because of a dang sporting event.

That sucks, and we cannot disavow that type of behavior anymore if we tried. There is a very vocal minority of fans that choose to approach it this way, and when it happens, it deserves to be called out.

However, that isn’t representative of Michigan fans. There are bad eggs in every fan base, but the amount of people both locally and nationally who chimed in to support Bell for his efforts deserves a tip of the cap. There is far more of that out there than what those rotten folks say.

Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt went as far as to call bad fans “trash”

Jim Nagy, who runs the Senior Bowl, saw the emotions as a positive for what it means for Bell’s career moving forward

Kirk Herbstreit, who called the game on Saturday night and will again this week, has some thoughts

Yes, Michigan is lucky

Larry Prout, the purest and kindest soul in the Michigan fanbase, showed us why yet again

Michigan Man Rich Eisen shared some words of encouragement as well

Michigan made its mistakes together on Saturday night and it was a total team effort that led to a near win, and also a team effort that led to a hole that was too big to dig out of. Bell, a sophomore, has a bright future ahead of him and one hopes he is able to put this behind him because, for as much grief as #SpeedInSpace gets at times, he is a critical piece of the offense and someone who could continue to emerge as this team looks to take a step forward.

Share your words of encouragement for Bell below, if you feel so compelled.