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Jim Harbaugh responds to Michigan fan who emailed Ronnie Bell during Monday presser

Harbaugh addressed the online criticism of his wide receiver after a rough end at Penn State.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Illinois Michael Allio-USA TODAY Sports

There’s an email going around social media of a Michigan student, Connor Grady, sending a nasty response to wide receiver Ronnie Bell after the drop that cost the Wolverines a shot to tie the game at Penn State on Saturday night.

The post was shared by Bell’s father, Aaron, over the weekend after the tough loss.

“Please quit the team already,” Grady told Bell. “Utterly sad that my tuition goes to paying for the scholarship for such a scrub ass player like you. Bum ass. Go play basketball somewhere. Please do us all a favor and never play football again.”

Jim Harbaugh addressed the fan, by name, during his Monday press conference.

“I’m sure Connor Grady got drunk as heck Saturday night and probably talking to his friends, took the email and wrote a bunch of stuff that I’m sure the next day he was like, ‘why the heck did I do that? I’m an idiot.’ I’m sure he probably felt pretty bad about it,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh spoke about Bell’s response during his media availability saying that “we would take as many Ronnie Bells as we could possibly take on this team” and how he is as “mentally tough” as any player that they have.

For the positive reactions from the Bell situation, both from fans and media, check out our post from Sunday evening on the subject.