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Jim Harbaugh pens letter to recruits refuting another cycle of dumb NFL rumors

Harbaugh calls the claims “total crap.”

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh and Michigan football is dealing with another batch of rumors that he is looking for a way out of Ann Arbor and potentially looking for an NFL opportunity. Naturally, this is a yearly occurrence that usually comes about whenever the Wolverines face any bit of adversity or losses that prevent them from reaching their goals.

On Tuesday, FootballScoop put out a report that Harbaugh was “planning an exit strategy” out of Michigan with his representatives.

To most people’s knowledge, Harbaugh does not even have representation after leaving the NFL. He shot down all of the rumors on his own as quickly as he could have.

Here is the letter that was sent that was obtained by Sam Webb of The Michigan Insider from a current Michigan commit’s parent:

“Dear Parents,

I am reaching out to let you know that the recent claims that I am “pursuing an exit strategy” are total crap. It’s an annual strategy driven by our enemies to cause disruption to our program and to negatively recruit. By the way, I don’t even have an “agent or representative.”

I am committed to your sons, their education and to their development as football players and people.

Please excuse the informality of this letter but I felt that it was important to get this out to you as quickly as possible.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy to discuss.

Go Blue!

Jim Harbaugh”

Well, there you have it. Again. For like the billionth time.

Harbaugh does not have representation and did not have it when he was hired back in Dec. 14. Also, the idea that he would be telling confidants he is looking for a way out in the middle of a football season is laughable given what we know about how this guy operates.

These things tend to happen whenever Michigan has a big game, especially ahead of a big recruiting weekend. They probably should just go through the schedule and have a stock refutation letter ready ahead of any of the key matchups they find themselves in.