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Monday presser recap: Jim Harbaugh in favor of PI review, explains letter to recruits, more

Jim Harbaugh spoke on Monday ahead of the game with Maryland this weekend.

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh just left the podium from Schembechler Hall in Ann Arbor following the 45-14 win over Notre Dame on Saturday and ahead of this weekend’s trip to Maryland.

Here’s a recap of the topics that were covered:

  • Harbaugh cites improvement in run blocking from both the offensive line and receivers/tight ends as biggest thing that has led to rushing breakout the last few weeks.
  • Shea Patterson played his “fastest game” as a runner on Saturday night and said he was “really moving” getting down on the field on Tru Wilson’s touchdown.
  • There’s no update on wide receiver Ronnie Bell after Saturday’s game. Harbaugh sung the praises of freshman wideout Mike Sainristil. Says that his confidence is back after rough spell recently.
  • Harbaugh asked about reviewable pass interference like the NFL and says that he would be in favor of it. Does not understand why some of those calls in the NFL have not been overturned. Said you would have to ask NFL coaches about that.
  • Freshman safety Daxton Hill “plays beyond his years” and Harbaugh said on one of the plays on Saturday night he accelerated “like an arrow through snow.”
  • Harbaugh was asked about the play of defensive lineman Luiji Vilain and praised how he has been performing.
  • On the letter to the recruits that got out last week after bogus NFL rumors, Harbaugh said that it was sent out to keep the lines of communication open with the parents. It “was not for public consumption” but said that using the term “enemies” was directed at people who choose not to tell the truth.
  • Jalen Mayfield’s play at right tackle was singled out and praised and Harbaugh says you can tell the game means a lot to him.
  • Harbaugh’s biggest takeaway was the belief that his team had in themselves and each other. Said it might be the highest level he has ever seen that.
  • Josh Gattis’ evolution as a playcaller was singled out as well. Harbaugh says he has been pouring everything into it since day one and that the coaches and players trust him unconditionally.
  • A reporter asked about Gattis having to choose between Maryland and Michigan. Said that would be a better question for Gattis. “Well plowed, well documented. I’m more interested in focusing on this game.”
  • Harbaugh isn’t sure how momentum works week to week. He said he believes Albert Einsten had a formula for that.
  • Harbaugh said the Stephen Spanellis play that’s going viral is “really cool.”