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What the nation, media is saying about Michigan after win over Iowa

The reactions are in after Michigan’s punch out with the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Dustin Johnston / Maize n Brew

Michigan football gutted out a 10-3 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday in Ann Arbor in another Big Ten slugfest of a game. It was a much-needed win over a top-15 team for the Wolverines, though struggles in the game still seem to have people talking about what the future of this group holds.

Here are some of the reactions from Saturday’s game from around the college football world.

Put this in the Smithsonian

He has a good point. It kind of stinks.

This is also true. This team has no identity on the offensive side of the ball.

Patterson is still well ahead of John O’Korn, but this is not a stat that one wants to see.

If the football gods will it so

The comment that has everyone stirred up

The sarcasm here is real. But we’re used to people piling on.

Scott puts it into perspective, though.

This is usually how it goes. Hard to complain about a win over No. 14 Iowa when you also covered the spread.

Some more perspective.

Michigan, even in victory, was the butt of a lot of jokes again this week, but they don’t care and we probably shouldn’t either. Seeing as nobody was sure if they were even capable of winning this game, they’ll take it and live to fight another week with their goals ahead of them.