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Daily Brews: Shea Patterson says Michigan offense ‘not not trying to be explosive’

The latest with the Michigan Wolverines and college sports world for Oct. 9.

Rutgers v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Despite having one of the most inconsistent offenses in the country, positivity remains high with the Michigan football program inside Schembechler Hall. Head coach Jim Harbaugh has said over the last few days he feels the group is “hitting its stride” and on Tuesday night, Michigan’s quarterback echoed those sentiments.

“Positivity’s always lost these days,” Shea Patterson said, via The Detroit News. “Obviously, we have high expectations and we know you guys do too. All I can say is that we’re trying our best and we’re working our ass off every single day and we’re going to continue to grow.”

Despite the expectation that this might be an aggressive scoring attack, Patterson said that the goal of the offense, especially in games against elite defenses, is not to be always explosive, but to do what they can to help the defense. He does admit that they are leaving plays on the field.

“I think there’s a lot that you guys don’t see,” Patterson said. “There’s a lot that the fans don’t see. They make their adjustments on defense, we make our adjustments on offense, we’re not not trying to be explosive. I do believe that there’s a lot left out there. The sky’s really the limit for this offense. It’s just a matter of time.”

Whether we see it or not now might not mean much if we do not see tangible improvements soon. The Wolverines are heading into the meat of their schedule and they will have to improve if they have any shot at competing for a Big Ten title this year with their goals still ahead of them.

Zavier Simpson talks coaching transition, newcomers to watch

Andy Katz, host of the March Madness 365 podcast with Andy Katz podcast, recently released his Big Ten preview episode. In that episode, he talked in length about the Wolverines. Katz interviewed senior guard Zavier Simpson during the podcast and asked about the biggest difference between Howard and former coach John Beilein, Simpson had this to say:

“Juwan is a lot more understanding, just because he’s a little younger. He’s been through what we’ve been through. He’s been to the higher level that we’re trying to achieve.”

Simpson also added that the pace of practices have “definitely picked up.”

A senior who played his first three seasons under Beilein, Simpson admitted to Katz that he was surprised by the decision to jump to the NBA made by his former coach. He did note that he understood the move, stating, “that’s just the world we live in.”

“He’s done a lot for me, I’ll never take that for granted,” he said of his former coach.

When asked about consistency between the two coaches, Simpson referenced both Beilein and Howard’s special attention to detail, as well as an emphasis on “building a foundation.”

Former Wolverine Brandon Peters’ health in question with showdown looming

With Michigan set to take on Illinois Saturday afternoon, a matchup with former Wolverine quarterback is looming. However, that matchup seems to be in doubt.

In a loss to Minnesota last weekend, Brandon Peters suffered an upper body injury that caused him to leave the game. Illinois coach Lovie Smith was “hopeful” about Peters’ chances of playing Saturday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

On the season, Peters has thrown for 797 yards, 10 touchdowns, and four interceptions. In two seasons with the Wolverines, he played in eight games, starting four and threw for 680 yards, four touchdowns and three interceptions.

National Brews

  • Keeping things in-state, Central Michigan Quarterback David Moore tested positive for a banned substance, receiving a one-year suspension as a result. The university plans to appeal the suspension, stating that the banned substance came from a simple over-the-counter medication.
  • Jonathan Sutherland, the Penn State player who received a nasty and race-fueled letter from a disgruntled fan, posted a response to said letter Tuesday afternoon.
  • As if things were not sad enough in Knoxville, Tennessee, a sports talk radio show host is going to be camping on top of a car dealership until the Vols get their next victory.