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What national outlets are saying about Michigan after the Ohio State game

The nation reacts to Ohio State’s drubbing of Michigan.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines lost to Ohio State 56-27 on Saturday and it seems like everyone has an opinion on the game.

The loss brings Jim Harbaugh’s record against the Buckeyes to 0-5 since taking over as Michigan’s head coach. The Wolverines have won just two games against Ohio State since 2000.

The lack of success against the Buckeyes during that stretch has prompted many to look closely at the Michigan program. Some say it’s not on par with Ohio State. Others have pointed to recruiting as the primary reason there seems to be a large gap between the two programs.

Fans questioned the hype and legitimacy of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, comparing to others that have — in recent memory, at least — been more balanced.

Following his fifth consecutive loss to the Buckeyes, the seat for Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has gotten progressively warmer — especially so in the eyes of Wolverines fans and some in the media.

The same can be said for defensive coordinator Don Brown, who has led a Michigan defense that has come into the past two Ohio State games with high rankings only to surrender a combined 118 points.

Now, Michigan waits to see where it will be headed for postseason play. Early projections have Michigan slated to play in either the Holiday or Gator bowls, although those predictions may have changed following losses by Michigan and Alabama.