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Wilton Speight talks Shea Patterson, new Michigan offensive scheme

Speight talks about what he thinks of Patterson and Michigan’s new offense

UCLA v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Former Michigan QB Wilton Speight was back in Ann Arbor on Friday participating in Michigan’s pro day.

The UCLA QB was welcome at Michigan’s pro day because the Wolverines didn’t have a QB in the draft this season.

When Speight spoke with the media, he brought up a few interesting topics.

Michigan Offensive Scheme

Shea Patterson

40-yard dash time

The most interesting part of Speight’s comments are about Michigan’s scheme under new offensive coordinator Josh Gattis. Speight is implying Michigan will be implementing some sort of up-tempo spread passing attack. This would be a new development for the offense on two levels.

While Michigan did run more spread last year with Patterson than in the previous three Harbaugh seasons, Speight’s candor suggests that we are going to be seeing more spread. But the biggest change would be the change in tempo. Michigan has seldom used no huddle or a hurry up offense under Harbaugh, and if they decide to throw that into their arsenal in 2019, that would be a great thing.

Being able to run a hurry up offense would allow Michigan to have an option A and an option B in regard to tempo and would prepare them to come from behind in a hurry (potentially) when trailing.

Finally, props to Wilton for his forty yard dash time.