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Don Brown sounds off on critics of Rashan Gary, Devin Bush

Brown respectfully disagrees with the naysayers

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NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown is one honest individual, and that trait was on full display in an interview at Michigan’s pro day on Friday.

During the interview Brown was asked about former Michigan standouts, defensive end Rashan Gary, and linebacker Devin Bush.

In the first line of questioning, Brown was asked why Gary’s talent didn’t match his production, and what Gary can do to produce in the NFL.

Brown’s response:

“I kind of disagree with it, it’s what you’re asked to do within the scheme. He’s a 280 pound defensive end that runs around like a 260 pounder. In our defense it all starts with knocking the tight end back. Who better in the country to knock the tight end back than him? Obviously we did a lot of inside movement and edge stuff. We asked him to be a complete football player and not just rush the passer, and he did it great and was a great teammate.”

Then Brown was asked this about Bush: “At his size can he play all three downs? How can he overcome that?”

Brown’s response:

“I’m just baffled when I hear that. He’s six feet, he’s two hundred thirty pounds, he’s in the Big Ten, he can run from sideline to sideline, make plays on the perimeter, in the spread run game he was kind of an extra half defender you had to account for and he’ll go get his nose dirty, so from my money I know we’ll take it.”

You can watch the video of the exchange here

Most media pundits think highly of Gary and Bush, but there are the occasional doubters that make their thoughts known.

Pro Football Focus’ Steve Palazzolo wrote an article stating the Rashan Gary isn’t a first round pick and is one of the riskiest first round picks. His major reason is that he feels Gary isn’t a good enough pass-rusher, something Brown disputed above.

But the most ridiculous line of negativity has come from Devin Bush naysayers. Bleacher Report’s Mike Tanier said that Bush lacks sideline-to-sideline speed, Bush’s 4.43 40-yard dash says otherwise, as does his game film:

Of course Brown is going to stick up for his guys, but the questions weren’t all that good to begin with and Brown wasn’t going to give one ounce of credence to the critics of Bush and Gary.