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Josh Gattis says Michigan doesn’t huddle ever, is an attacking offense

Gattis provides further clarification as to what Michigan’s offense will look like next season

NCAA Football: Maryland at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis spoke with the media on Friday, and a major emphasis of the conversation was about what Michigan’s offensive scheme will look like in 2019.

Gattis made it clear, Michigan will be running a full-fledged no-huddle, aggressive pro-spread offense.

“When people ask who we are from an offensive standpoint, we’re pro-spread from spread mechanics. We’re no huddle. We don’t huddle ever,” Gattis said. “But we have a pro-style emphasis and one of the things with speed in space is we’re still gonna have a mindset that we’re an attacking offense, we’re also a physical offense. We’re not gonna go out there and dink and dunk the ball around throwing bubble screens and all that. We’re aggressive. We’re going to be fundamentally sound in the run game, we’re gonna be aggressive in taking our shots, we’re going to be aggressive in trying to put conflict on defenses.”

What Gattis is trying to convey is that Michigan’s no huddle/spread system isn’t going to be of the cutesy gimmick variety that has a bunch of screen plays with no deep shots down the field. Michigan is clearly going to be running the ball at a steady clip again in 2019, that isn’t changing, but the offense around the run game will be changing drastically.

This is a complete no huddle offense, they aren’t huddling up whatsoever, this is a total 180 from 2018. With more of a spread look we’ll be seeing more of a vertical offense than a west-coast type system, Michigan’s receivers are going to get their chances to win one-one-one matchups and catch 50/50 balls.

Gattis went on to say that the team and offense is far from a finished product, but this has been an encouraging offseason in terms of the trajectory of the Michigan offense and what the coaches aspire to accomplish next season. Fans wanted change, and change has been given, now it’ll boil down to if the coaching staff and the players can execute at a high enough level to beat the likes of Ohio State and the rest of their opponents.