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NFL teams asked Chase Winovich about his date with Madonna’s daughter

This is hilarious

Penn State v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Former Michigan defensive end Chase Winovich has done some impressive things on the football field, but that’s not all NFL teams were interested in hearing about at the NFL Combine. NFL teams wanted to know about the time he went on a date with singer Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon.

“It was probably at least like five.. asking about my date with Madonna’s daughter,” Winovich said.

Winovich knew Lourdes was a student at Michigan and he emailed her to get the ball rolling.

“I emailed her and told her I was trying to join the school of music, theater, and dance. So one thing led to another and we went on a date.”

Once the date transpired, Winovich tried to impress her in different ways.

“At one point she was like ‘I’m hungry’, and I was like ‘what do you want?’, she’s like ‘these appetizers look good so I ordered every single appetizer that was on the menu, I was like ‘we’ll take one of everything’.”

Winovich went on to talk about how he performed a magic trick with ‘snapping fingers’ that made her go ‘whoa!’. It was the only date they went on, but it sounds like they had a good night out.

Watch the video below: