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Shea Patterson, Dylan McCaffrey think QB’s coach Ben McDaniels brings focus and energy

Michigan QB’s talk about their QB coach

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan quarterbacks coach Ben McDaniels is entering his second season with the program, but his first as QB’s coach.

McDaniels inherited a talented quarterback room featuring the likes of Shea Patterson, Dylan McCaffrey, and Joe Milton, among others.

The younger brother of New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Ben undoubtedly has something to prove and this season could help him ascend in the coaching ranks.

The Michigan scheme on offense will be looking a lot different under new offensive coordinator Josh Gattis, and McDaniels will play a key role in making sure the QB’s improve in the film room and on the practice field.

After Michigan’s Spring Game on Saturday, Shea Patterson and Dylan McCaffrey were both asked about their thoughts on McDaniels, and they gave highly positive reviews.

Patterson: “He brings a level of focus, a level of being more engaged in everything you do. Even during practice, when you’re not in taking reps, you’re taking mental reps and you should totally be mentally exhausted at the end of practice because of how locked in you are. Just really recognition on a lot of things, but he’s definitely slowed the game down a lot for me.”

McCaffrey: “He’s helped a ton. He’s also a guy who brings a lot of energy. And off the field the quarterbacks are in a much better place mentally as far as recognizing defenses and knowing our stuff and where to go with it. I think we’ve all gotten way better at that, it’s just something he brings to the table.”

The mental element is a big part of succeeding in any profession, but especially football, especially at the quarterback position. It sounds like McDaniels is making sure the QB’s are using their time wisely even when they’re on the sideline. McCaffrey says McDaniels brings energy, Patterson says he brings focus.

More often than not, the best quarterbacks in the business are fiery leaders who are ready to take charge, along with this type of energy comes a laser sharp focus. There’s a guy his brother coaches named Tom Brady who is the definition of focus and energy, so it’s fair to say Ben has at least picked up on a couple things his brother Josh and Brady do well together.