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Takeaways: Zach Gentry selected by Pittsburgh Steelers in 5th round

Gentry joins Devin Bush in Pittsburgh

Wisconsin v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Former Michigan tight end Zach Gentry has been selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 141st pick in the NFL Draft. Gentry joins Devin Bush in Pittsburgh.

Gentry’s measurables got him drafted in this spot. The Steelers know they’re drafting a raw player that will have to improve his blocking skills and pass catching prowess. Gentry did show flashes of what he could become as a tight end, and it’s quite remarkable that a high-school quarterback became a 5th round tight end in such a short amount of time. Gentry has only been a tight end for a few years, he’s still learning all the nuances and what it takes to thrive at the position.

The 6-foot-8, 265-pound tight end has enough speed to gain separation at his position, but he needs to get stronger, block better, and limit the amount of drops. The Steelers have already turned a player who had drop issues into a reliable tight end, Vance McDonald. The Steelers have a proven track record of developing good tight ends that are asked to be security blankets in the pass game and reliable blockers.

Gentry won’t be expected to contribute extensively immediately, but he could be groomed to be replace McDonald as the No. 1 T. McDonald has a big cap hit next season and could be a cut candidate if he doesn’t produce this season. Gentry falls into a pretty good situation, and he’s going to have a shot to stick around in the NFL.

Gentry had 32 receptions for 514 yards and 2 TD’s in 2018.