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Michigan football soaking in South African culture

Michigan will be in South Africa for 9 days

Cape Town Prepares for FIFA World Cup Final Draw Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

The Michigan football team continues to take trips abroad, something that’s becoming an annual tradition under head coach Jim Harbaugh. The Wolverines have gone to France and Italy, and now they’re hanging out in South Africa.

The weather looks great, the views look spectacular, and it looks like the team is having a lot of fun roaming the mountains and streets of Cape Town.

Players express their appreciation for being able to go on a trip like this, seeing the ocean from the top of a mountain is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

While the trip is about giving the players experiences that can broaden their worldview, they’ll be partaking in some friendly competition on Sunday in the form of a rugby clinic.

These trips abroad have been paid for by donors, and with food menus like this, it’s a good thing a generous philanthropist is happy to pick up the tab:

Young athletes and coaches are bound to get hungry hiking up a mountain

The team will be in South Africa for 7 more days, and we’ll provide occasional updates throughout their trip.