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Daily Brews: And so continues the transfer crusade against Jim Harbaugh

The latest with the Michigan Wolverines and college sports world for Aug. 22.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Someone has an issue with Michigan Football again, making this a day that ends in “y” for Jim Harbaugh. Let’s hop into the Thursday edition of the Brews.

Michigan blamed for another transfer waiver denial

It would not be a normal day for the Wolverines football program if someone was not accusing them of holding up a transfer waiver, which has been a popular bit lately. Former cornerback Myles Sims and his family apparently are the latest to jump into the muck, accusing Michigan of mislead the NCAA on his immediate eligibility at Georgia Tech.

Here’s the snippet from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution story:

“The disappointment is in knowing that they included just a few words outside of what we said to mislead the NCAA in their decision-making,” Katrina Sims, Myles’ mother, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday. “Whether that weighed in heavily or not on the documentation that we provided, we take issue with that.”

I don’t know how to put this any better than Brian Cook over at MGoBlog did on Twitter.

In both Sims and Hudson’ situations, Harbaugh is being accused of running kids off and then lying about the reason they decided to leave, at least in the mind of the players trying to play immediately and the coaches who want them on the field. Most of these arguments are invalidated when he is the only major college football coach to come out in favor of players being able to transfer one time with no penalties and immediate eligibility.

Maybe he’s in favor of it so he does not have to deal with drama and extra legwork for players no longer committed to playing for him. At this point, it would be hard to blame him. This is a systematic issue and not a Harbaugh problem. You will see why during the national section of the Brews.

Football season tickets hit high for Harbaugh era

If there was any football fatigue coming off of last season’s final two games, it certainly disappated pretty quickly this offseason. The Wolverines have sold the most season tickets ever in the Harbaugh era heading into the 2019 campaign and have hit a program high since 2007, per a report from MLive.

“As of Tuesday, the university had sold 91,934 season tickets for its seven-game home schedule this fall,” associate athletic director and head of communications Kurt Svoboda told MLive. “That figure, which is made up of 71,578 regular, full-priced season tickets and 20,356 student season tickets, is the highest in the Jim Harbaugh era and most sold since 2007.”

The new offense and having all three rivals at home in a potentially special year might have something to do with it, but it seems at least the ticket holders are giving the team a chance to right its wrongs this year. Now we have to wait and see if they will back up their support with their noisemaking ability.

Jace Howard enters Top247 ranking

A week or so after officially getting a scholarship offer from his father at Michigan, 2020 forward Jace Howard, son of Juwan, has entered 247Sports’ Top247 ranking, coming in at No. 242 overall and grabbing a three-star rating.

“Pretty much that he wants me to play for him and join the culture he is building,” Howard told The Michigan Insider reacting to the offer from his dad. “And he wants to develop me and have me work closely with him, his staff and in the strength conditioning program.

”Michigan has always been a big part of my family and now to have an opportunity to play basketball for them is very special.”

Unless this class fills up with a bunch of studs or one-and-dones, it seems reasonable to slot Howard to the Wolverines.

Woodson chimes in on 2018’s dud ending

Michigan legend and Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson was in Ann Arbor on Wednesday to show off his new wine and was asked about how the season ended for the football team last year.

“That was nasty,” he said, via Angelique Chengelis of The Detroit News. “That was disappointing for somebody that’s been in the program and for somebody that’s a fan of Michigan football, for all of our alumni, for all of the former players, it was embarrassing.”


National Brews

  • The Pac-12 will not be taking part in any 9 a.m. PT kickoffs this year, so us on the East coast will not get to see any of those teams in the noon window of games unless they travel out to this side of the country, The conference said it needed more time to get feedback from their stakeholders, but that FOX has interest in broadcasting games in that time slot for them. (ESPN)
  • Tate Martell, the quarterback who transferred out of Ohio State and to Miami after Justin Fields came to town, is apparently open to a position change to get on the field at his new school, per head coach Manny Diaz. He has apparently been spending time with the running back and wide receiver groups. Hopefully he does not swing and miss again in a new position room.
  • Air Force’s top two wide receivers, Brandon Lewis and David Cormier, have been ruled ineligible to play by the U.S. Air Force Academy due to no longer being in good standing as cadets. (The Gazette)
  • Our pal Alex Kirshner over at SB Nation’s Banner Society did a pretty interesting piece on why the NCAA needs to stop counting sacks against a team’s rushing totals. It has always been silly, and he nails it here.

That’s it for today. How have you enjoyed the Brews as a Daily Feature so far a week into the experiment? Let us know in the comments below.