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Announcing our Michigan Football season content plan and podcasting schedule

Our new lineup of podcasts and weekly content rolls out starting Monday, Aug. 26.

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Football season is finally almost here and we’ve been working hard the last few weeks to put the finishing touches on a content plan that we are really proud of. Earlier this week, we explained some of the philosophical changes coming to the site and now we’ll share how we put them into action.

So, seeing as this is the last Friday before it’s go time in Ann Arbor, we figured we would roll out what we’re planning for you in 2019.

Podcasts are back in a big way and we’re excited to expand there, as well as deliver different written content throughout the week.

So, let me walk you through where Maize n Brew has you covered this year.

Podcasting Schedule

As we announced before, we will be going to daily podcasts from Monday through Friday with a postgame show up quickly following the conclusion of football games. These shows will be trimmed back and be about 30-to-45 minutes in duration so we can deliver a bite-sized bit of info every day with little crossover, giving you something different to listen to each morning throughout the week. We’re cutting the fat from each of our programs and looking to pack a bit more of a punch with each episode.

Here’s the full slate:

Monday - Views from Stadium Blvd. hosted by Hannah Harshe and Harley Johnson

These are our two resident student voices on staff and they will lead off the week with a different look at some of the takeaways from the weekend that was in Ann Arbor.

Tuesday - Brewcast hosted by Luke Ghiardi, Anthony Broome and Chris Castellani

Often times here, we will tackle our biggest questions coming out of the weekend and how they can be answered in the leadup to next week’s game.

Wednesday - Yet to be titled Michigan Recruiting podcast hosted by Von Lozon and Jonathan Simmons

Recruiting info is so valuable to so many people in the Michigan fanbase and we will use this show to discuss some of the storylines on the trail and more.

Thursday - Out of the Blue hosted by Andy Bailey and Jared Stormer

These two will take you into the weekend with their takes on the weekend’s matchup and fire off some bold predictions in the process.

Friday - Closing Time hosted by Anthony Broome

Closing Time will be a one-on-one interview program that speaks to some of the biggest voices not only in Michigan media, but also from national perspectives, former players and much more.

Saturday - Michigan Football Postgame hosted by (rotating cast)

This is where you’ll get your quick takeaways and analysis in the aftermath of the clocks hitting zero on game day.

Be sure to subscribe to our shows (and leave a five-star review!) on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your shows by searching “Maize n Brew Podcasts.”


Ok, onto the rest of the content plan. Podcasts are not included in the below schedule.

Written Content Plan


Daily Brews

Monday Recruiting Roundup

Around The Big Ten Roundup

What We Learned This Week (About Michigan, about their rivals, about the Big Ten, about college football)

How Michigan Commits Performed Over the Weekend


Daily Brews

Big Ten Power Rankings

Big Ten Spreads and Betting Lines


Daily Brews

Wednesday Recruiting Roundup

Inside the Numbers

Getting to Know This Week’s Opponent

Film study on this week’s opponent


Daily Brews

College football watch guide for the weekend

Behind Enemy Lines Opponent Q&A

Matchup of the Week

Recent History vs. Opponent


Daily Brews

Friday Recruiting Roundup

Recruiting Visitors List

Game Preview

What to Watch For This Weekend

Staff Roundtable


Game Thread

Game Recap

Quick Takeaways

Player of the Game (this will be a quick post put up to a fan vote)


Turning Point of the Game

Sunday Film Review

Position Unit Grades

Game Balls (chosen by our staff)

Everything look alright to you? There will be plenty more that comes during the week as talking points and storylines emerge, but we’re excited to deliver on all of the above on a weekly basis and certainly are open to feedback on some of the other things you would like to see.

Obviously, things will be a bit different at the start of next week with no previous game to go off of, so we will put a bow on preseason coverage in those slots and really crank things up as the week goes along.

We’re almost there folks. Buckle up!