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MnB preseason survey shows optimism, high expectations

Freezing cold takes or just blind optimism?

Western Michigan v Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Maize n Brew staff got together on a survey on some of the burning topics heading into the season. Here were the results of our internal polls.

A plausible-yet-bold prediction for Michigan’s year...

Kevin Bunkley: Dylan McCaffrey surpasses Shea in most statistical categories...from the bench.

Anthony Broome: 11-1 record

Mak Popa: Michigan loses to OSU but still wins the B1G.

Luke Ghiardi: Michigan loses a WTF game but beats the three rivals and preseason top 25 teams.

College football has been around for 150 years...list ONE player from ANY program, ANY era that you would pick in a fantasy draft.

Andrew V, Mak Popa, and Jon Simmons: Barry Sanders

Luke: Cam Newton

Kevin B: Charlie Ward

Anthony Broome: Reggie Bush

(And one mystery vote for Bo Jackson!)

Who will be a breakout player from offense OR defense that you’ll have your eye on?

Responses included: Zach Charbonnet, Vincent Gray, Josh Uche, Tarik Black, Aidan Hutchinson, and Kwitty Paye

Are you on board with the rumored two-QB plan for the offense this year?

(a) Please be a mad genius, Gattis - 55%

(b) I take my Coffee D-Caff - Kevin is alone in hoping for more playing time for Dylan

(c) Sure why not, I like points! (Really? Kind of a layup to be in favor of points, guys).

(d) Our lord and Shea-vior - 33%

The Michigan program/Ann Arbor at large has showed up on some ranking lists for things like all-time program, best football state, stadium, and so forth. In your own words, what does that mean to you?

Luke Ghiardi: Michigan has tradition, and needs to start living up to the reputation.

Mak Popa: Michigan fans can be incredibly fickle at times, but we are blessed to root for one of the best colleges to ever exist.

Kevin Bunkley: Awesome football atmospheres don’t just exist in the south. Michigan Stadium can be imposing, and despite a recent dark age, the program is still magic. If it’s a big game weekend, Ann Arbor is bumpin’ and the tailgate scene puts any other town’s to shame if you look in the right place. Plus, that marching band walk to the stadium? C’mon.

Editor’s note: it is the position of MnB that when it comes to Temptation and Hawaiian War Chant, you truly cannot have one without the other.

Anthony Broome: Ann Arbor rules, gameday or not. It’s a near-elite experience for any sports fan or lover of cool towns.

Game on the schedule besides OSU matchup that terrifies you this year?

Jon Simmons & Mak Popa: The Fightin’ Rudy Ruettigers

Anthony Broome: Little Brother

Kevin B: Maryland - Mike Locksley might be mad about losing out on Gattis

Luke Ghiardi: The Fightin’ Ferentzes

Andrew V: Indiana

Other votes: Wisconsin & Penn Schtate

Do we beat The (TM) Ohio State?

One more year of misery (no one picked this!)

If there was ever a year to do it... (88% consensus, yay optimism!)

IDK just let it be competitive to give me hope (1 vote from Mak Popa)

Which unit on offense OR defense will we not have to worry about at all this year?

Corners, defensive line, offensive line, quarterback, the receivers, and special teams all received votes. Anybody’s guess as to which will truly be outstanding.

In non-footballspeak, what do you need to see from Coach Gattis in year one?

Andrew V: I want to see more big plays, more speed, and a quicker pace. Shea is a weapon, let him throw the ball around and take off running.

Luke & Jon: Points.

Mak: Creative playcalling, and a willingness to innovate.

Kevin B: I need to see that he is truly in control of the playcalling.

Anthony: Attacking the weaknesses of a defense as opposed to clock control.

A regular season wins guess, plus a logical bowl guess...

Here we’re largely on the same page. A mix of at least ten wins, with a common choice of either the Rose, Fiesta or Sugar Bowl.

Bonus Question: Which Ann Arbor eatery/watering hole is your go-to on football Saturday?

Luke Ghiardi: Good Time Charley’s

Mak Popa: Parking lot tailgates

Kevin B: Pizza House

Anthony Broome: We love our friends at The Circ Bar, where Maize n Brew will be hanging out this year for every Michigan game.

Jon Simmons & Dan Alweiss: Mister Spot’s. (Dan has very strong feelings about Zingerman’s, don’t speak their name in his presence).

Additional votes: Last Word, Hopcat

Enjoy the lead-up to Saturday, folks. We only get twelve guaranteed football Saturdays...