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Josh Gattis says Michigan’s offense is ‘clicking on all cylinders’

Speed. In. Space. Here. We. Go.

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan football team has begun their fall camp, and a major change for the upcoming season is well underway with the change in philosophy on offense.

In an interview with MGoBlueTV, Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis talked about how the offense is trending and what to expect from the “Speed In Space” scheme.

As far as how cohesive the offense is looking, Gattis believes the unit is full systems go. “We’re clicking on all cylinders now and it’s been exciting just being able to see our kids go out and execute in practice,” Gattis said. “One of the things for our advantage here offensively is going against our defense, which has been top in the country year in and year out just makes us better.”

Michigan’s new scheme is a no-huddle, up-tempo attack that tries to maximize the strengths of their players and build the scheme around what they do well. In this case, speed.

“Speed in space is really a philosophy for us on offense, we try to maximize the ability of the talented players that we have within offense,” Gattis said. “Whether that’s by putting the defense in conflict with RPO’s, or being from a spread system flexing our guys out and allowing our guys to be the play-makers they are. And really taking on the mindset that we’re going to be advantageous from an offensive side always being the aggressive side and trying to allow our players to be in a position to be successful.”

It sounds like Michigan is going to have an offense that is willing to let it rip and take more chances vertically down the field. Beyond that, the tempo is going to be entirely different as the Wolverines have not ran an up-tempo attack in the Harbaugh era. Michigan’s defense is known to, as defensive coordinator Don Brown would say, solve problems with aggression. And for the Michigan offense the same can be said now with Gattis, the solution could very well be aggression.

The same interview mentioned that the offense is still adding in wrinkles to the scheme this month, which is to be expected, a great offense doesn’t just materialize in a few month span. However, Gattis likes the progress his offense has made thus far. “We’re in a really good place and we really progressed and got better throughout each and every (spring) practice,” Gattis said. “I’m really excited about the future and the direction we’re headed in.”

Watch the entire interview below.