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Quick takeaways from Michigan’s game at Wisconsin: Third quarter

Things did not start out great and got worse through two quarters.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan football went in to Madison this weekend for a showdown with the Wisconsin Badgers. Here are the live takeaways after each quarter.

First Quarter

  • It’s going to be a long day if you get into the backfield on Jonathan Taylor but cannot wrap up. The interior of the defensive line did not have a good start to the day.
  • The Badgers scored on the opening drive in the most methodical and Wisconsin way possible. Little bit of penetration from the defense. Linebackers had a rough time filling gaps on that first drive, as well.
  • Michigan started the game with a 68-yard pass from Shea Patterson to Ronnie Bell, showcasing some of that playmaking ability we all have heard about. The next three plays went: timeout, pass incomplete in the endzone and a fumble by Ben Mason recovered by the Badgers.
  • The decision to put Ben Mason out there, who has repped at defensive tackle throughout the first two games, was asinine. And then he fumbles the ball. Consider that karma for an atrocious decision to run a former fullback/now a defensive tackle out of the shotgun. For as concerning as the ball security continues to be, that one is on the coaching staff. Thank goodness Wisconsin sputtered on the next drive. But boy, that was awful.
  • The overturned call on Ronnie Bell’s catch was awful.
  • Jonathan Taylor broke the game open with a long touchdown run from 72-yards out broke the game open at 14-0. Self-inflicted wounds, untimely flags and some weird officiating has put the Wolverines in a major hole.

Second Quarter

  • Simple and to the point. Trailing 28-0 at the half, indefensible on all fronts. There is literally nothing to take away from this other than this team is in big trouble and it starts at the top.

Third Quarter

  • They came out of the locker room flat and uninspired again, going down by 35-0. That might be more concerning than anything.
  • The coaching staff went to Dylan McCaffrey for a spark and did not get much of one, but he did orchestrate a scoring drive that he was knocked out of after a nasty hit to the head.
  • Shea Patterson was inserted back into the game and threw a touchdown pass to Sean McKeon, who was injured on the score. A two-point conversion from Tarik Black made it 35-8. Woo.