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Daily Brews: Former Wolverines weigh in on Jim Harbaugh, direction of football program

The latest with the Michigan Wolverines and college sports world for Sept. 24.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh and the way he runs his Michigan football program has come into question after the setback at Wisconsin over the weekend with voices from all directions chiming in.

The latest batch of reactions comes from Michael Spath over at WTKA and Wolverine Maven, who said he has spoked to a number of former players since Saturday that have shared an inside look at where this operation is heading.

Here’s a snippet of those conversations:

On Michigan’s horrific road performances under Jim Harbaugh (this from a 2017 starter): ”There are a lot of things Coach Harbaugh is really good at it, but pre-game pep talks is not one of them. I don’t think it’s as simple as saying if he just told us to ‘Win one for the Gipper’ we’d go out and crush it, but before a game, you’re building and building your energy. Like you don’t just get off the bus ready to crush the entire team. There is a process and I don’t think he’s great at that process of getting his guys ready to go. I think for home games, the crowd, running out of the tunnel, hearing the fight song, the banner ... all of that gets you hyped. On the road, you need to manufacture all that stuff, and it’s not something he really excels at.”

If that’s the case, that would explain many of the slow starts and struggles away form Ann Arbor. Regardless, if that is the case it is on the head coach to figure it out and have his guys ready to go.

Kansas Athletics might be in big trouble

The University of Kansas has been at the center of one of the NCAA’s most recent investigations into the dirty side of college athletics. Kansas received its notice of allegations on Monday from the NCAA, and as Yahoo Sports writes, it isn’t pretty and even includes...the football program?

Kansas has been charged with lack of institutional control, three Level I violations in men’s basketball and there is a head coach responsibility charge against coach Bill Self, according to multiple sources. There also are allegations against football, sources added, although those are Level II violations. The football allegations include charges of allowing an extra coach to work during practice under former head coach David Beaty.

The Level I violations are tied, in part, to the recruitments of Billy Preston and Silvio De Sousa. Court testimony and documents tied to the federal basketball corruption cases over the past two years included details of veteran adidas consultant T.J. Gassnola having “conspired to illicitly funnel approximately at least $90,000” to the mother of Preston. Gassnola also testified in court that he paid De Sousa’s guardian $2,500, although he denied arranging a $20,000 payment that had been discussed on wiretaps.

The poor damn football Jayhawks can’t even catch a break despite being one of the worst Power 5 football schools in America. However, Kansas hoops being involved should be no surprise considering their head coach goes by the nickname of “Dollar Bill.”

Quick Brews

  • The Big Ten announced who will be attending basketball media days next week in Chicago and the Wolverines will be sending Isaiah Livers, Zavier Simpson and Jon Teske along with first year head coach Juwan Howard.
  • On a Big 12 conference call, Oklahoma State head coach and mullet rocker Mike Gundy called a reporter a “jackass” after bringing up a rumor that the late T. Boone Pickens bequeathed him a gift card to get a hair cut.
  • Northwestern is dealing with questions about its offense, as well. Head coach Pat Fitzgerald says suggestions on what they should do should be sent to his email address “hashtag I don’t care.”
  • Sad songs say so much, but what do sad headlines say?