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Join the Maize n Brew Discord Server!

A new spot for live chat, analysis, recruiting, and talk amongst fans

Ben Silberman

If you’re anything like me, live chats are generally a good way to relieve the stress of watching a Michigan Wolverines football game, knowing that others all over the country are also nervously sweating in their living rooms. For those unaware of what Discord is, it’s a text / voice chat application where you can join a server to text chat with others who have joined the server. Here’s a beginner’s guide for those uninitiated.

Follow this link to join the Maize n Brew Discord Server -

It should prompt the download of the desktop application for your operating system. The beauty of the server is that you can set-up different channels for different discussion topics. For the time-being, the channels for this server have been set-up:

  • gameday— talk about the Michigan game while it’s ongoing, other games throughout the day, and a general hangout spot on football Saturdays
  • recruiting — highlights, film discussion, projections, and any discussion about Michigan recruits
  • analysis — any plays you want me to cover in my upcoming analysis. Discussion about play-design, concepts, etc.
  • general — anything that doesn’t fall in the other categories!

These are just to start, as I’m sure we’ll find additional channels to set-up to cover our discussion needs. I plan on being there to talk Michigan football with you guys. Join and say hello, especially for the Minnesota game this weekend, where I’ll be watching and chatting in the Discord server with those who’ve joined.