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WATCH: The Three Keys to beating Minnesota

I break down the top 3 things the Wolverines need to do to win Saturday

Michigan Wolverines fans will know what they have in their 2020 team right away, as the #21 Minnesota Golden Gophers provide a tough initial test for the traveling Wolverines in what’s projected to be a cold Saturday night.

Breaking in a new starting quarterback in Joe Milton presents different challenges, as does slowing down one of the Big Ten’s best returning quarterbacks in Tanner Morgan and returning Big Ten WR of the Year Rashod Bateman. What are my keys to winning the game? I break them down in my new video series I’ll be doing each week called “Key 3”. For this week I have:

  1. Gameplan around Rashod Bateman
  2. Get Joe Milton comfortable early
  3. Force third and longs

I give my explanation for why these are my keys for this game, as well as highlights to go with each of these points. Let me know what your keys for this game are in the comments below.