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LOOK: Artist creates handwritten Michigan Stadium using scores of home wins

This is incredible.

Dan Duffy/Art of Words

Earlier this week, artist Dan Duffy released one of the cooler, more creative versions of Michigan Stadium to the world. Duffy’s picture of the beloved venue was created entirely using dates and scores that were handwritten of every single Michigan win at its home stadium, along with national championships.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

The idea came about when Michigan senior Joshua Abramowitz reached out to Duffy, “Josh had emailed us as a shot in the dark to see if we’d be interested in doing a piece to present at the annual Michigan Sport Business Conference. Turns out, I’ve been getting requests for the Big House for years. Since we were also able to tie it to a great charitable cause, it was an instant no brainer” said Duffy.

Duffy spent roughly 200 hours on all facets of this piece including research, sketching, writing, and coloring. Duffy said, “As an avid sports fan, I created the piece as a unique gift to connect generations of Michigan fans. Younger and older fans can spend hours recounting their favorite memories at the Big House. This piece is just the next step in my ultimate goal of recreating every major stadium in history with every player ever.”

A portion of the proceeds from this print, which is available for pre-order on, will benefit Midnight Golf, Inc., which is a non-profit based out of the state of Michigan that “everages the discipline of golf to empower, mentor, and equip under-served young men and women with the life skills they need to succeed in college, career and life.”

For more of Duffy’s work and other prints he has available, be sure to check out his website. The Michigan Stadium print could be something cool for the Wolverine fan in your life ahead of the holidays.