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WATCH: Film Analysis 1.1 - Offensive Positives vs. Minnesota

Breaking down 17 Michigan plays that went well against the Golden Gophers

When the term “Speed in Space” was brought up throughout last season, it felt like something to strive for. Something the Michigan Wolverines were always building towards. Starting in the second half of the Penn State game, it seemed like first-year coordinator Josh Gattis was putting things together.

Fast forward to 2020, and the Michigan offense was breaking in a lot of youth. Four new offensive linemen, a very young wide receiver room and an inexperienced quarterback all points toward a slow offensive start. Just under 500 yards and 42 offensive points on the road against a ranked Golden Gophers squad gives the impression the Gattis offense is now fully realized.

So what went well? Who was blocking well and what made Michigan’s offense tick on Saturday? I break down 17 positive plays from their performance against Minnesota.

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