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WATCH: Film Analysis Episode 1.2 - Offensive Negatives vs. Minnesota

Breaking down the rare handful of offensive plays that didn’t work out against Minnesota

On my Film Analysis Episode 1.1, I covered the MIchigan Wolverines successful day on offense against the Golden Gophers. It was a whopping 17-play debacle that I had to cut down from 20+ plays. Now, naturally, not everything went according to plan. There were some drops (cough cough Erick All cough cough), some missed opportunities, and some wins by the Minnesota defense. Those wins, though, were few and far between.

After going through both the offensive positives and negatives, here are some quick takeaways I had:

  1. The staff really loves to pull both Filiaga and Vastardis. With good reason, too. Both were generally excellent and mauled people.
  2. Ben Mason should’ve never been converted to DT given how valuable he is as a FB/HB/MurderBack. That shows how dire the DT position was last year.
  3. The young WRs can block and block really well, especially Roman Wilson. I get the sense that the blocking was a bigger barrier in the screen game last year, and likely why we didn’t see more screens in the game-plan overall in 2019.

Make sure you join the Discord, where I actually posted these five plays last night for those part of the community we’re building over there.