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Urban Meyer addresses ‘very alarming’ trend with Michigan Football

“They’re in trouble.”

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines will never have a fan in former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, but he sees the same things that a lot of us have seen with the team the last few weeks.

Michigan, who has stumbled to a 1-2 record out of the gate this season, came up in Meyer’s analysis this week after the 38-21 loss to Indiana over the weekend. Despite being a former enemy of the program, he’s as alarmed as many of you are, as well.

“I’m legitimately worried after watching (the game) again this week, and their pass defense is very poor,” Meyer said on Big Ten Network’s The B1G Show. “They’re not in position to make plays down the field. You saw Michigan State, who couldn’t score a touchdown against Iowa the following week, throw it all over the field on the Wolverines.

“And then this past week, I’m sitting there like probably most of the country and just in awe of what Indiana was doing. They were getting behind the defensive backs — and the defensive backs, at times when they’re there, they’re not playing the ball.

“And what does that mean down the road? They’re in trouble. And whether it’s talent — I can’t imagine it’s that, drop off that significant. It has to be fundamentals that you have to play the football. And when you start seeing Indiana, Michigan State just light ‘em up — throwing the ball down the field, over 300 yards in each game — that’s very alarming.”

Say what you will about Meyer, but he has a way of calling it the way things are. It happens to cut a little deeper because you know that it fills his heart with glee that things have gone this direction.

Michigan will try to improve its 104th-ranked pass defense on Saturday when the Wisconsin Badgers come to town. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. and the game will be broadcast via ABC.